TekTone Nurse Call Systems

Nurse Call System

When servicing nursing homes, assisted living, or any healthcare facility, Hawkeye Communication turns to TekTone for Nurse Call Systems. 

TekTone has UL® Listed nurse call systems to meet the needs of medical staff everywhere. Nurse Call Systems are more commonly known as a call bell or call light systems. 

TekTone Nurse Call Systems Models and Key Features

TekTone allows a nurse to be in communication with their residents, patients, and caregivers.

  • Tek-CARE400 P5+ is TekTone's most flexible nurse call system. This model features full-duplex, 2-way audio, multicolor dome lights, customizable station buttons, and integration options, too. The Tek-CARE400 P5+ uses simple CAT5 wiring and provides the users the ability to customize the system to fit the needs of their facility. 
  • Tek-CARE 160 is a two-way communication nurse call system that is modern and affordable. The Tek-CARE 160 is not only easy to install and use, but is customizable as well. Featuring a high-quality two-way communication capability, this model is designed to meet the needs of your facility no matter what type of healthcare you are in. 
  • Tek-CARE 120 is an affordable nurse call system with a compact touchscreen master station, pleasant call tones, and come in attractive stations. 
  • Tek-CARE NC110, NC115, NC200 are TekTone's most basic systems. These systems feature three levels of tones and lights to notify the staff at the nurse station and include a dome light outside of each patient room that alerts the nurse. 
  • Tek-CARE300III is our mid-range audio/visual system that adds advanced features including LCD display, continuous nurse/aide location display, stat calls, and more! 
  • Tek-CARE500 is UL® 2560 Listed wireless nurse call system. The portable pendants allow residents of a nursing home or assisted living the freedom to walk around and be independent, but knowing help is one push away!