Life Safety

Protect your home and family from deadly smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide with a customized alarm system designed by one our certified fire alarm experts.

Smoke detectors alert your family of a potential fire hazard and help ensure they have enough time to get out of harms way. They can be the difference between losing a few material items to losing a family member. Sprinklers can help minimize the damage to your home due to fire and smoke and lessen the damage from using fire hoses. Carbon monoxide detectors detect the presence of carbon monoxide gas to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. These should be installed on each level of your home.

We have your family's safety in mind with our residential fire alarm systems and are happy to help you with implementing a life safety system and a fire escape plan. Many residential fire losses are preventable and having a fire alarm system integrated with your home's security system will give you enhanced protection and notification.

Life safety is one of the most important investments you can make so you should always use a trusted company like us here at Hawkeye Communication that partners with top of the line fire alarm system companies like Honeywell.

Fire alarm monitoring ensures your well-being, and provides an efficient emergency response to help protect your home and family from disaster. Our 24/7 monitoring service will contact your local fire department long before your neighbors are even aware there is a problem.

By partnering with Hawkeye Communication for your life safety system you will receive our professional consultation, customized system design, installation by our talented technicians, local maintenance, and top of the line monitoring.