CCTV Digital Video Recorder: What Do You Have To Look Out For?

CCTV Digital Video Recorder: What Do You Have To Look Out For?

cctv security system.jpgDVR’s are different and when it comes to choosing the DVR for you, there are things you need to consider. Especially when it comes to the price difference. Here are the following factors you need to look out for in a DVR. 

1. Hard Drive Storage

The space capacity of the DVR’s Hard Drive Storage is important as it will tell the limit of footage you can store before it overwrites the old videos. Each DVR has its capacity. In regards to this, you also have to take note of the type of cameras connected to the DVR. The resolution of the footage taken by a camera can affect the storage capacity.

So if you are using a high-tech camera, you might want to partner it with a high-tech DVR too. The more complex the camera’s footage and images that it captures - the more space it will take from the hard drive. 

2. Embedded DVR over PC-Based DVR

An embedded DVR is manufactured to specifically work as a DVR with one circuit board and software in a chip. While a PC-based DVR is just like a modified personal computer with hardware and software to act as a DVR.

The advantage of an embedded DVR is that they have better stability than window software. While the advantage you have with a PC-based DVR is that it's easier to use with mouse and screen menus. Unlike with embedded DVR which uses buttons. 

3. Frames per Second

The frames per second or fps are the number of pictures that a DVR can record within a second. A real-time recording can capture 30fps in each camera. With technology today, a real-time recording is now made affordable.

4. What Comes with the DVR

After checking all the qualities a brand can offer, you can also check the things that come along with it. Will it come with a standard hard drive of 120GB? Does it have a software installation, documentation, and power cord?

 These are just a few of the things you need to look out for when it comes to DVRs. Make sure that the brand you are choosing is capable of catering to your needs. Before settling, check all the capacities, offers, and warranty of a DVR.