Securing garage service doors

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The need to secure garage doors cannot be underestimated. However, people focus too much on securing the garage door and opener to the extent of forgetting to secure garage service doors. Most garages whether at home or office have standard service doors that lead to other facilities or rooms at home. Service doors offer access to your garage without having to use the main garage opening. As such, they must be properly secured especially on business premises. Thieves can gain access to secured areas and make away with so much inventory. So, imagine what they would do if they had an easy, overlooked entry.

What you should know about securing garage service doors

Understand your ANSI standards

ANSI (the American National Standards Institute) has designed a three-grade door locks criteria that help buyers determine the ideal locks for their needs. Grading is based on weight, security, and cycles. Below is an explanation of each grade.

Grade 3: Grade 3 are considered good and are ideal for residential properties because they are designed for residential building requirements. However, they offer minimal security as compared to grade 2 locks. 

Grade 2: Grade 2 locks are better than grade 3 and are designed for residential heavy-duty security needs as well as to secure commercial properties. 

Grade 1: Grade 1 locks are classified as the best. They provide the highest security level for commercial properties. 

Locks and products

After understanding the locks grading system, the next step is determining the right lock for your garage service doors. 

Standard lock and deadbolt

A standard lock and deadbolt are the most basic commercial security measures, especially for garages. The difference is whether you choose a single or double cylinder deadbolt version. A single cylinder deadbolt requires a key to open from the outside while the double cylinder requires a key on both sides making them more secure.

Locksets and handle sets

It is advisable to combine locksets and handle sets with deadbolts. They are considered more secure because they can lock from the inside and the outside. 

Keyless locks

Keyless locks represent the height of technological advancement in the commercial security industry. These locks are considered secure because they feature anti-theft properties such as rolling codes that ensure that one operating code is never used again. Some locks will sound an alarm if a wrong code is entered consistently and they can also be monitored through a mobile application. Keyless locks may be quite expensive, but they are worth the investment. 

Lock reinforcements

Service door locks should be reinforced with something strong like metal sleeves to provide extra security. Though reinforcers are classified as accessories, they do a great job at strengthening and securing your commercial property. 


For many years, garage security has been limited to just the main door. However, thieves have discovered the service doors. You must keep all your garage openings that is; the main door, windows if any, and all service doors well secured. Your business is worth more than the investment you make when purchasing the best commercial security product.